USBC Membership

USBC Membership Instructions

Select whether you are new to USBC or if you are an existing member renewing your membership.

Note:  Existing members must renew their membership every year.

Enter all of the required information on the next screen.

When prompted, select:

                         Season:  2017-18
                  Age Group:  Adult
    Membership Type:  Standard

When asked to select a bowling association, select “Searching for an association near me”.

Enter zip code 11429 and Search.  Then select New York City USBC.

Enter your credit card information.  Confirm your information on the next screen and click Submit.

SAVE YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER!  Write it down, take a screenshot, print it, save it some way.  And provide it to the Sunday Bowling League Secretary, Lenny Irgang, as he will need to verify your successful USBC membership.

Your USBC member card will be mailed to the address you provided.